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Meet our team.

Awan & Associates is your premiere consulting team. Our team of experts has 30+ years of collective experience in the financial services, aviation, health, public and private sectors. 

We have dedicated our careers to learning and growing individually and professionally. We’re lifelong learners in pursuit of knowledge and continuous improvements. We believe that to run, one first needs to know how to crawl and walk.   


Maryam Awan

Maryam is the co-founder of Awan & Associates. Maryam started her career in the hospitality industry and worked her way towards a career in Change Management. As a business transformation and change coach with 13 years of experience, Maryam has led change initiatives in the areas of Human Resources, Technology and Operational projects in a variety of industries.


Maryam’s experience in leading diverse and multi-dimensional teams helps her understand the dynamics of the client’s teams and how they could be more effective. Trained in a variety of Change Management and Coaching methodologies, Maryam’s expertise as a Transformation Coach has been a key enabler of client success. As an immigrant, Maryam’s passion for inclusion has driven her to create a company where individual diversity is celebrated, and team members are expected to bring their whole selves to work. 

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MBA, Prosci ADKAR®, Integral® Associate Coach 

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Emile Massenat


MBA, PMP, Prosci ADKAR®, SAFe Agile, CPLC 

As a change, culture and digital transformation expert, Emile is a skilled communicator who has coached senior executives, organizational leaders and frontline staff throughout his 20+ years of experience. ​He helps public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations implement significant change initiatives with a particular focus on people. He has worked with senior executive leaders, board members and frontline staff to help drive value, enable significant business transformation and operationalize strategic priorities.


His areas of focus include strategy, business and service transformation, operations and process improvement, design and innovation, program management, change management. large ERP implementations and project delivery. 

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