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7 steps to launch your career as a consultant

with Maryam and Emile.

When: February 23rd, 2023  |  1pm - 2pm

Where: Virtual

See you soon!


Meet your hosts:

Maryam Awan
Co-founder, Awan and Associates

Maryam is the co-founder of Awan & Associates. Maryam started her career in the hospitality industry and worked her way towards a career in Change Management. As a business transformation and change coach with 13 years of experience, Maryam has led change initiatives in the areas of Human Resources, Technology and Operational projects in a variety of industries.

Emile Massenat
Co-founder, Awan and Associates

As a change, culture and digital transformation expert, Emile is a skilled communicator who has coached senior executives, organizational leaders and frontline staff throughout his 20+ years of experience. ​He helps public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations implement significant change initiatives with a particular focus on people.


Here's what you'll learn:


What is a consultant?

The question everyone wants an answer to, and we have it!


What are the drawbacks of consulting?

While being a consultant has numerous benefits, there are of course a few downsides worth learning about.


What are the different type of consultants?

There's more than one type of consultant. We're going to help you decide which one you want to be. 


How much money can you make as a consultant?

Let's talk money! Get detailed information on consulting rates and how much you should be charging.


How do you become a consultant?

You've made the decision to become a consultant...but now what?


​Checklist to become a consultant.

Walk away with the ultimate checklist to jump start your career as a consultant!

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